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Иностранцы пробуют: национальные супы

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Иностранцы пробуют: национальные супы


Commerce noises soup at Second Circuit accepting Kalama very similar to all it's very similar to the Korean food yeah we call it pageant ha John smell smells exactly the same this is very delicious soup is very milky oh it's great it's like it's got its rich and it's gonna salty and it goes well with the juice I and for me it's on.

User taste but still I think it's by that time a trying more more and more with this one I think it's really good combination this is a very similar to Korean food and I love your side if you go to Korean restaurant you can always order pageant again is there milk inside of soup cheese no sour cream a sour cream like a also similar taste of life.

Comer's little bit shut up maybe channel listener mmm-hmm I've done them go oh damn the weekend what's next let's go hungry it looks good mmm it's not very fresh it's what kind of meat is this shop oh but the meat is land it's very spicy this is very good I love it yeah it's my first time actually try I think if the.

Show is going to be boring because everything's good this is very good I I want to give my compliments to the chef at this restaurant because this is very very good


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