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AVENGERS 4 FULL PLOT LEAK!!! Cosmic Entities Arrive! SPOILERS!!!

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We have a supposed "plot leak" that is absolutely CRAZY! Always take these with a grain of salt but of course my job is to report all these crazy things to you all so you can keep up to date! Let me know what you think of this INSANE PLOT LEAK!!! Woof Woof!
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How's it going everybody there has been an apparent Avengers for plot leak that has been going around the internet I've gotten many requests from some of you to go over it and give my thoughts on it so here we are so a few things one the infinity war blu-ray giveaway still continues all you have to do to enter is Hulk smash that subscribe button like this video and comment below.

With your thoughts in the video and your favorite superhero to always take these alleged plot leaks with a grain of salt but 3 this has come from an alleged source that has been pretty reliable in the past they were actually right about the majority of the events of Avengers infinity war so you never know regardless I'm going to go over it for you guys.

So this theory talks about a few things that actually make a lot of sense and line up with what we know already one of them of course being time travel another one is the arrival of Professor Hulk and him wielding the Infinity Gauntlet this lines up with a previous plot leaked so time travel and Professor Hulk wielding the Infinity Gauntlet already line up with the previous supposed plot leaks.

And then in this theory we're going to get a completely different look on Tony Stark and Thanos ok so let's dive into it again take this plot leak with a grain of salt but here it is for your pleasure ok so according to this plot leaked Avengers 4 we'll start off with ant-man traveling back in time to events before Iron Man 1 he of course gets there.

Through a time vortex in the quantum realm that was mentioned in the post-credits scene of ant-man and the loss by Janet Van Dyne when he gets to this part in time he ends up finding Hank Pym and they end up working on a sling ring it would make sense that one of the first people that Scott looks for is dr. Hank Pym as far as the sling ring goes perhaps they are trying to do this.

So they can figure out a way to access the quantum realm now obviously the sling ring is dr. strangest thing as the master of the mystic arts and you would definitely call it magic but in the first Thor movie Thor explains that where he's from magic and science are one in the same so it's not a too far idea because you're right look.

Your ancestors called it magic and you call it science well I come from a place where they're one in the same thing but here's where it gets kind of interesting eternity shows up so eternity is a cosmic entity and is the actual embodiment of the multiverse and eternity can manipulate the multiverse to do essentially whatever he wants to do eternity has no physical body but can.

Warp space and matter into a manifestation that can be perceived by humans and all other species so eternity shows up and for his own selfish reasons ends up helping them he gives them special gauntlets that allowed them to control their movement in time and then this is apparently where the title sequence comes into play so music starts Avengers title comes on let's call it in.

Game and we go to the next scene so after the title sequence we cut to Titan where we see Iron Man and nebula starting to make their way back to earth to regroup with the remaining Avengers this makes sense because obviously after the snap Tony's going to want to see who is still alive and what else is nebula really going to do she wants to undo Thinnes to snap so it makes sense that.

She would go with Tony plus she doesn't have any family or friends left besides Rocket but she doesn't know that he's alive right now so they go and they regroup with the other Avengers but then apparently Thor goes to hell he goes to hell to build an army of fallen Vikings much like hella did in Thor Ragnarok speaking of hella she's there as well along with Heimdall this isn't a too.

Far-fetched idea because again in Thor Ragnarok we saw hella do this it would make sense that Thor could possibly do this as well now Asgard is destroyed and so is the eternal flame but again he's going to hell so perhaps there's a different way to get this Viking army he's talking about so cutting back to all of the other Avengers regrouped together ant-man pops.

Out of a time vortex he then proceeds to tell all of them what is going on and gives them the sling ring apparently within the first hour of all of this happening Thanos finds out about the sling ring once he finds out he sends his army the Chitauri and the outriders against the Avengers and in return Thor sends his army of fallen Vikings against Thanos his army.

so here's where more time-travel comes into play because apparently in this battle future Thor and future Captain America are in it and during the battle they both end up dying Thanos then sends his army against the Avengers in the sling ring I'm not too sure what that means but that's what it says so this fall's a.

Little bit into an old plot leak about Avengers 4 that says Thor and Captain America will fight together and Captain America will end up lifting Thor's hammer before he dies it doesn't say that in this plot leaked but again it did in a past one so I'm just connecting the dots here so now ant-man is with the Avengers so they know how to time-travel now so the Avengers start to travel.

Across time to collect the stones and stop danos this falls in line with some of the other plot leaks that we've heard so far The Avengers figuring out time travel going back in time collecting the Infinity stones for themselves so they can forge their own Infinity Gauntlet undo Thanos to snap and prevent it from ever happening and this just kind of.

Makes sense because right now at the end of Avengers infinity war Thanos has all of the Infinity stones and it seems like he's definitely on a distant planet somewhere so they really have no way of getting the Infinity stones so really one of the only options they are left with is to travel back in time and collect Infinity stones from the past so that makes sense to me so they go back.

In time to right after where Red Skull is transported by the tesseract and they grab Captain America from the past as a replacement for the future cap who is now dead so they continue to travel back through time visiting past events they go back to the Battle of New York the events of age of Ultron guardians of the galaxy and before Thor the dark world it doesn't say how but it does say Captain.

Marvel tags along on their time-traveling adventures but she doesn't really do much until the last hour of the movie so this kind of makes sense we've all seen the leaked photos of the Avengers back at the Battle of New York Captain America wearing his old uniform and Tony looks like he is actually from the future and if Captain Marvel is everything that people.

Been saying she's going to be Kevin Feige says that she's going to be the most powerful superhero in the MCU it would make sense that they save her for the end because she's probably too Opie would probably make the movie a little too easy for the Avengers so then it said that they go back further in time to before Thor and Hawkeye grabs Odin's gauntlet now it's heavily debated among.

Fans of whether or not Odin actually had a real Infinity Gauntlet mostly due to thor ragnarok we're hella is in Odin's vault and she says that the Infinity Gauntlet in there is fake as she pushes it over thank whoever many people do agree that the one that was in there is fake but he actually had a real one just not stored inside the vault because it was kept in.

A place that was even more secretive and secured many people actually believe that Odin collected the Infinity stones himself hundreds and hundreds of years ago before scattering them out again okay so Doctor Strange eventually makes his way out of the soul stone and goes back in time in the sling ring I think many people believe that dr. strange will be back in Avengers 4 and actually.

Play a pretty big role in the movie so this makes sense so Fanus finds out about the Avengers attempting to go back in time and collect their own Infinity stones and forge their own Infinity Gauntlet and when he figures this out he again sends his army to them now here's where this supposed it plot leak gets a little crazy apparently in this.

Battle half of the Avengers from the past and half of the Avengers from the future die The Hulk ends up wielding the Infinity Gauntlet but then gets his arm cut off he later then gets a mechanical one so this actually lines up with a previous plot leak as well where professor Hulk is coming into play and of interest for and he wields the Infinity Gauntlet but he gets his arm.

Cut off this previous plot leaked is backed by the fact that the first official image for Avengers four that came out shows professor Hulk well it shows what people believe to be professor Hulk so this does line up with that here is where the plot just takes crazy turn eventually Thanos is killed and the gauntlet along with the Infinity stones are destroyed.

Thanos dying in Avengers 4 isn't much of a shock but what happens after is after Thanos is dead and the stones in the gauntlet are destroyed Tony absorbs the power of the Infinity stones and then eternity reveals himself to be a future version of Tony who has ascended his mortal body it turns out that eternity has been manipulating events throughout time and the only people who truly had.

Free will are Doctor Strange Hulk Red Skull and vanos as it turns out eternity needed dr. strange to get rid of Dormammu he reveals to Tony that he will become a conqueror and rule over the universe and that the people will remember him as Kang the Conqueror that's right this plot leaked says that Kang the Conqueror is going to be in Avengers 4.

And not only that they're saying that Kang the Conqueror eternity and Tony Stark are the same person the last 20 minutes of the movie is a 20 minute battle of everyone vs. king they can't beat him so eventually Doctor Strange goes back in time and kills Tony before he becomes king slash eternity I'm going to allow them in the end the Avengers are happy that there is no longer a war.

Or any possible threats and the last thing this plot league says is that in the post-credit scene it shows Ultron waking up okay so that is the entire plot leaked as it has been reported now I'll give you my opinion on it where we see and please allow me to finish this because it's gonna seem like a bit of a jump we see fan OHS who was the villain teased at the end of the.

First Avengers movie deal Isis okay Tony's truck realizes I know who that is I think that there were a lot of things in this pot league that lined up with previous plot leaks and theories that many people have that are true and we will see in Avengers 4 and here's the thing about Kang the Conqueror his story is so complicated so Kang is actually from the.

30th century and from an alternate timeline this timeline was created from people going back in time and altering the events of the past so according to this plot leek and other plot leaks that we've heard that definitely happens the Avengers go back in time changing events to try and collect the Infinity stones now Kang the Conqueror his real name is actually Nathaniel Richards and in the.

Comics we see Nathaniel and Tony Stark at the same time so we know they're not the same person however the writers and the producers and directors can do whatever they want in the MCU so it doesn't mean it can't happen again Nathaniel is from the 30th century and he was pretty much a genius much like Tony is a genius and Nathaniel comes across a time-travel device much.

Like Tony will come across time-travel in Avengers 4 so there are a few connections here time travel was actually well discovered in the 30th century it was just illegal ken came across a time-travel device and essentially just broke the law and went back in time to Egypt and dubbed himself a pharaoh now King would go on to jump across different alternate timelines and.

Eventually in one of those timelines would conquer the world thus spawning the villain King the Conqueror this is something I could see happening to Tony Stark he discovers time travel and his genius mind wants to do all these different things and go explore different timelines I'm not saying I believe it will happen but it could the point being they could connect.

It somehow in the MCU although I don't believe they'll do this it just seems way too complicated and one thing I don't believe is that they will go back in time and kill Tony Stark and leave it there and be done with it not gonna happen and I also can't believe that they would have Kang the Conqueror / Tony Stark turn into eternity.

Obviously the logic of this plot leak is that Tony discovers time-travel goes on to become King to conquer absorbs all the power the Infinity stones turning him into eternity again it could happen but it's just too messy and I don't see it ending that way so again there are many things in this plot leak that I do believe are true that do line up and I think we'll see an.

Avengers for however I cannot believe the ending so that's what I think about this plot leak many of you asked me to do a video on it and share my opinion so there it is I'm sure everyone has just tons of thoughts and ideas and comments so please make sure you tell me in the comments below I know this supposed plot leak is pretty crazy so I'm looking forward to hearing what you all have to.

Say and again the infinity war blu-ray giveaway continues if you would like to enter all you have to do is be a subscriber like this video and comment below with your thoughts and your favorite superhero thank you all so much for watching Wolf Wolf the chair 20 truck realizes that there has been a disturbance in what he will call a time ribbon for the time.

Being I will allow you


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Carrie Leischner • 12 часов назад
At 12:35, when he is talking about time travel, you can see the main characters from "Quantum Leap" on the monitor displayed in the background. Too funny!
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Carrie Leischner • 12 часов назад
And Marty McFly with Doc too. :)
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Ironman Rocks.
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In Iron Man 2 Tony tells pepper that his suit Has a filtration system, Processes urine into drinking water
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troglor teddy • 1 день назад
What, just kill off Iron man. A large money maker for them. I think not. Sound like the plot leak is made to mislead.
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i call BS ...LOL
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Captain Lorelai Pucksdatter • 1 день назад
Loki is my favourite hero! He's been both good and bad, but Ilove him best as an agent of balance, likefor example, when Thor ordered him to bring Sutur back to defeat Hela.
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Sven-Marin Nikić • 1 день назад
According to this leak and all the details, this movie will last at least 14 hours...
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This sounds like the worst kind of fan fiction 😂
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Deadpool no
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Deadpool, Galactus and/or Wolverine won't appear in Endgame!
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And enter Cable to finish it all....😂
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Iron Man Hands Down
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Vlah Monfort • 3 дня назад
I agree no way is tony the conqueror and then to kill him. I suffered enough from Infinity war.
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chase laws • 3 дня назад
did we see kang in x-men apocalypse ? maybe using futur tech to transfer his mind through diffrent body and obtaining mutant power ? could be a cool way to potentially mix the mcu and xmen ? just a thought
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N21 • 4 дня назад
3:12 accurately predicts the name of the movie
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This is fake 100%
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